Welcome to chirchlingen.at. The idea was born 2014 during a photo contest for kids. The name of this site is a knights name during the 11 upto the 14 century. Chirchlingen (now Kierling) was since the romans danube limes a small village nearby Klosterneuburg and also the way from Comagena (Tulln on the Danube) to Vindobona (Vienna). This site shows how pretty and in which lifestyle you can live in the Kierlingtal (Chirchlingen). We have a own page with historical facts, also a calender with the events in the Kierlingtal. If you need more information about Kierling, Maria Gugging or if you want to live or study (IST AUSTRIA) here, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Some facts about Chirchlingen (Kierling)

Kierlinger Pfarrkirche

Kierling St. Peter & Paul

  • 1000 years old
  • Franz Kafka (1883–1924), author, died at the Hoffmann sanatorium in Kierling
  • Museum Kierling (Josefine Allmayer (1904-1977)
  • Фёдор Иванович Толбухин lives here after the WW II
  • Kierling is a part of Klosterneuburg
  • We have many Heuriger taverns (Fanta, Weingut Bauer, Chateau Kierling)